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EUNSports, Providers of Outsourcing Staffing Services
November 28, 2022
Outsourcing Staffing Services
Outsourcing Staffing Services: Definition, Process, and Benefits
December 10, 2022

Sports Blog | Tips from Outsourcing Staffing Services Providers

Outsourcing Staffing Services

The Right Time to do it is NOW!

So you have always been dreaming about launching your own website or blog dedicated to your favorite game but maybe didn’t know where to initiate, or found way too many things to keep track of. Here are some simple steps and resources by EUNSports, the providers of ultimate outsourcing staffing services for gaming and scoring.

While it can be a complex task, we have outlined a few of the basics, with providers who can offer real-time assistance with the specialties of their offerings.

·         First, Buy a Domain Name

To initiate your own sports blog, first, you need to buy a platform for the website your blog is going to be live on. The WWW (World Wide Web) address that’s typed into internet address bars to access websites, and domain names should be as close to your chosen brand’s name as possible while also being memorable and easy to type out. 

Domain names can be search and bought on website platforms and registrars such as HostGator, Site ground, or GoDaddy. These sites are also where you can purchase the hosting for your website.

·         Purchase Web Hosting

This purchase is for your convenience. Hosting platforms typically offer packages including said hosting plus domain names, customized email addresses, unmetered bandwidth (how much traffic your site can handle at once), site security options, and more for a discounted price.

·         Install WordPress

Once you have web hosting, any actions you want to take in regard to the hosting part of your website would be located in the CPanel. Here, you want to install WordPress onto your hosted website. Think of your domain as the property sign and your web hosting as the actual property; the WordPress install is the foundation on your property from which the website is built. 

For example, in HostGator, you go to your CPanel, locate the apps Installer under software, click “Install” under WordPress, pick your domain name under Installation name and leave the in directory box blank. Then, under Site Settings, enter your website or blog’s name such as “all footfall live score” and a description or tagline. This description is seen by the public, so think of it as a one-line introduction to what your site or blog offers. It can also be your slogan, if applicable. 

Next, under Admin Account, enter a username. This is the username you will use as an administrator to log into your website, not the hosting platform but your individual website. Then, enter your desired password in the password box below it and a current, accessible email address under Admin Email.

·         Pick a Design (Theme)

One of the most common ways to build and upkeep a website is through having a WordPress-based one. With WordPress, so much is already set up for you; media (photo, video) storage, blog/article posting, contact forms, and countless other tools. The use of WordPress themes, and pre-made website designs, also means you don’t have to have any professional experience in web design or coding to get started. There are many resources out there for free and paid designs from which you can pick and customize one for your own website.

Once you have a theme picked and downloaded, log into your website, and in your left sidebar menu, there will be an option that says Appearance. Under Appearance, select themes. For instance, if you are designing an app for football live scoring, the theme must complement it to make it the best app to watch live football.

At the top of the page, you shall see add new. Click that, follow by the upload theme button on the next page. Next, click the choose file button and select the theme you downloaded which should be in your downloads as a zip file. Click install now. Once you see “theme installed successfully,” click Activate. Further customization of your theme can be done by going to appearances > customize. 

Set Up an Under Construction Landing Page | Outsourcing Staffing Services

Don’t want the world to see your website before it’s truly ready? We highly recommend installing Under Construction, a plugin that allows you to turn on and off a temporary, pre-built landing page explaining the website is under construction or coming soon, complete with add-on social or contact buttons if you like to lead users elsewhere in the meantime. 

In your website’s WordPress menu, locate Plugins and select add new. Type under construction in the search plugins box on the right. Click install now when you locate the plugin, then activate it. Further settings and how-tos will be provided by the plugin provider. 

·         Pick your Permalink Format

An underrated step, the Permalinks section is where you select how your individual website URLs will look, mainly what goes after your main domain name. In your website’s WordPress menu, go to settings, then Permalinks, select your desired format from the options given, and save changes.   

·         Write your First Post

To post your first piece of content on your website, go to the WordPress menu to posts and then add new. Your title such as the best app to watch free football goes in the first box if the blog is about football and the content body is in the second. If you like to categorize posts, you can create a new category in the right sidebar. Categories are also accessible in your website’s main WordPress menu under posts, then categories. 

Next, select a Feature Image. This image will be a visual representation of the post, including on any URL shares on other platforms, like the imagery-filled links you see on Facebook or other news feeds.

Is your post ready? Hit Publish and Tadaa, it is alive! 

·         Install Your Sport’s APIs | Outsourcing Staffing Services

To provide your audiences with up-to-date football information and statistics you don’t have to enter or update yourself, you shall want to install a live score API. These APIs offer real-time updates of scores, standings, matches and fixtures, goal scorers, match history, club head-to-head comparisons, and more right on your webpage. 

·         Finally, Share

Is your website ready for public view? Now deactivate under construction under Plugins (if applicable) and share your domain name with the world. Be your personal hype person and Congratulations!

Parting Lines

EUNSports have been working in this field for years now and have a piece of extensive knowledge in the field along with a huge number of contented clients. All the tips in this article to start your own sports blog are based on extensive knowledge, expertise, experience, and research. If you want to start your own blog, follow them all, or else we shall be more than to serve you with our outsourcing staffing services for your sports page/blog and other products and services. Seeking our services shall reward you with your client’s satisfaction and you can earn millions of clients.

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